A Bass And Its Boy are a Honolulu-based singer-songwriter "duo" comprised of Aimee, a heavily-modified 4-string Godin A4 bass and Joshua Edelstein, a slightly-modified 10-fingered Ashkenazic biped. Often described as falling somewhere between Les Claypool and Aimee Mann, their music spans the genres of funk, rock, jazz and folk—all wrapped together by Edelstein's warm tenor and instrumental stylings that combine a percussive attack with melodic sensibilities. Whether it's the music or the spectacle, A Bass And Its Boy consistently delight the audiences they meet. Take some time to browse through the site and discover a different kind of singer-songwriter.

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WE'RE PLAYING IN FRISCO! We're pleased to announce that we'll be opening for Sonny Ruckus on February 23 at the iconic Elbo Room. Fun fact: the drummer for Sonny Ruckus is the brother of the guitar player from JD and the Robbery, which was Josh's last band before he left DC to move back to Hawaii--it's a family affair! Details and link to the Facebook event on the Appearances page!