Aimee began her life in the northwestern forests of British Columbia as a naïve young spruce tree. When she was an adolescent, she trekked across the Trans-Canada Highway to Quebec where she spent her formative years and developed her distinctive tone. She wound up spending several years back in the Pacific Northwest before she moved to Washington DC and finally Hawaii to join A Bass And Its Boy.

Joshua Edelstein began his life on the beaches of Honolulu as a naïve young haole boy. When he reached maturity, he traveled to Washington, DC where he entrenched himself in the local music landscape. Guyana Koolaid, the band he played in while attending Georgetown University, was one of the most notorious metal bands to hit the college scene. Post-college he founded Mobia's Trip, which for six years was a solid touring band that crossed over from progressive rock and funk to help bring the DC jam scene to the forefront of the city's consciousness. He later formed A Bass And Its Boy with Mango before moving back to his native Hawaii. Edelstein also runs GroundWaves, an Internet radio station for unsigned and independent bands from all over the world (that really needs to be updated).


Mango began her life in the jungles of north central Africa as a naïve young bubinga tree. When she reached maturity, she traveled around Africa and Europe before briefly settling in Germany. While there, she underwent life-altering transformations that ultimately shaped her into the strong, beautiful instrument that she is today. She later moved to Connecticut before moving to Washington DC to work with Joshua in Mobia's Trip, and now lives in Hawaii with him. One of the founding members of A Bass And Its Boy, she retired from full-time participation in the duo to focus on working in larger ensembles.

Frankie claims Mexican, Japanese and Hawaiian heritage. She has lived all over the world and is known for changing her look and her sound. Although she is an excellent player, her finicky nature eventually led to her replacement by Aimee.